THE WYNOT RADIO THEATRE SHOW is a theatrical SPOOF of the golden age of radio – a time when men were men, dames had moxy, and the sound of adventure filled the air waves!

The Colorado Springs Gazette calls it a ‘hilarious send-up of old-time radio’, complete with twistedly nostalgic commercials, hysterical ‘off-air’ actor interaction and audience participation. Your Grandpa's Old Time Radio Show this ain't!

We mix nostalgia with in-your-face comedy to create a funny, fast paced, and wildly entertaining evening of theatre. Presented as a "live" broadcast, the WYNOT RADIO THEATRE SHOW puts you "in the studio" with the cast as they present this 1940-something variety show that includes the RICK LUGER: PRIVATE DICK series onstage in all its old-time-radio glory!

Each "episode" includes official sponsors (fake products that parody the commercial sponsors of the classic radio broadcasts), an on-going short serial show hand-picked by the audience (THE ADVENTURES OF THE LAST BUCKAROO or FLIP THE SWITCH) as well as a game show segment, audience participation, and more characters (90+) and props (200+) than you can shake a mic at.

is an evening of side splitting comedy you DON'T WANT TO MISS!

Editor's Choice for BEST COMEDY
-2010 Best of the Springs Awards-

"In a fast paced 90 minutes, (they) create a wacky hybrid...
driven by bawdy, smart, and sophisticated humor, expert comic timing,
and 5 A-List character actors."

-Colorado Springs Gazette review of
"It Came Upon A Midnight Deadly" - 2011

"This is brain candy at it's finest, with a smart script
and easygoing, playful acting....Go see this show
and you won't be dissapointed"

-The Colorado Springs Independant review of
"The Smoking Gun Affair" - 2011

"Place your tongue firmly in your cheek and
check this one out..."

-The Pueblo Chieftain review of
"Death Wore Elevator Shoes" - 2005

"Makes watching radio a must...
keeps the laughs rolling 'till the end!"

-Colorado Springs Independent review of
"Death Wore Elevator Shoes" - 2010

"Packed with hilarious innuendo and gags that come at you
with the rapid fire rhythm of a Tommy Gun...Old time radio is
back and better than ever..." GRADE A

Colorado Springs Gazette review of
"Death Wore Elevator Shoes" - 2010

But it's not just press reviews...here's what
some of our audience members have to say!

"...Had a blast! Of course, we're old enough to remember "real"
radio of exactly this type. Even when WYNOT parodied the shows and the
advertisements, it brought back memories that would themselves
seem like parodies today."

"...a full night of continuous HA-HA!"

"Like nothing I have seen before! Was very impressed, loved the characters and humor!
My girlfriend took me to the show, and I was glad she did!"

"...so silly, so funny, can't believe the perfect timing!"

"The props, the characters, the writing...it's all fabulous.
An amazingly funny production."